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Half Moon Beach Gokarna Address: Gokarna, Karnataka, 581326, India

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The lovely Half-Moon beach is the third beach in Gokarna's coastal belt. The beach is roughly 63.8 kilometres from Karwar and only a few kilometres from Gokarna's major city. It is separated from Om Beach by a hill from where visitors may enjoy a spectacular view of the sea.

Several village cottages in the typical Indian architecture can be seen lined up along the shore, giving it a pretty traditional and cosy feel. The gorgeous beach is ideal for unwinding and chilling out amid the big blue seas and the soft sand, staring at the caverns and the star-lit sky.

#Trivia: The beach was given that name for its striking similarity to a Half-Moon.

Why must you visit Half Moon Beach?

Swimming in the cool waters of the Half Moon beach is among the most exhilarating feelings. All you can see ahead of you is the boundless ocean and behind you is the dense forest, making you feel like you're the last surviving person on the planet.

Diving, kayaking, paddling boaters, paintball and camping are just a few of the wonderful activities available.

The cuisine served in the shack eateries is delicious to add more to the list. Half Moon Beach, which overlooks the whole coastline of Om Beach, is undoubtedly a vacation place for wanderlusts looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and waiting to dive into nature's lap.

Water activities, on the other hand, are not available. Lying on the beach in the daytime and laying in hammocks at night are other ways for visitors to relax.

Trekking to the Half Moon Beach

The journey to Half-Moon beach starts at Om Beach. First, proceed to the southern end of Om Beach and up the small route that runs straight to the Dolphin Café. A whiteboard outside the café marks the spot of the Half Moon beach and points in its direction.

You can spot a hiking trail junction a few minutes into the hike. You will see woody and prickly shrubs along this small trekking trail along the coast. On the left-hand side of the route are hills, and on the right-hand side is a beautiful blue sea.

The winding trekking trail leads you to a five-minute hike through the forest. It will take you around four to five minutes to walk around the hillside and a few more minutes till you reach the Half Moon beach.

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Activities on the Half Moon beach

Diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, paintball, picnicking, lodges, and various other activities are available at the Half Moon beach.

Kayaking: Kayaking is a water activity that allows you to travel through the tides. This water sport is becoming increasingly popular on this beach, particularly among the local kids.

Paddle Boarding: What could be more challenging than standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself into the open sea with just one paddle. Such activities in Half-Moon Beach are becoming increasingly popular among tourists seeking an adrenaline rush.

The beach, however, does not provide any other water activities. The trek to the beach is an adventure in itself. Although it is exciting, you should use caution when hiking. The beach is visible from the hill, and the sight is breathtaking.

How To Reach Half Moon Beach

The Half-Moon beach isn't accessible from the main as it is not well-connected. You may either trek all the way to the shore or rent a speedboat from Om Beach to get there. The true beauty of the beach, though, resides in the journey there. Only a boat or the Gokarna Beach Trek can get you to Half Moon Beach.

There is a route that leads from both Om Beach and Paradise Beach. The sights on this trail before and after Half Moon Beach are the nicest on the entire tour. Although they are pricey and infrequent, ferries may also take you here from Om Beach, Paradise Beach, or any other beach.

Gokarna is well-connected by road and rail to several cities of South India. You can either embark on a road trip from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Goa, or Mumbai; or you can board a train and get off at the Gokarna railway station and explore the other wonderful tourist spots of Gokarna.

Flea market at Half Moon Beach

Visiting the flea market, which is comparable to Goa, is one of the most relaxing things to do in Gokarna.

There are plenty of vendors selling shell jewellery and other beautiful products. These things are generally handcrafted and have a unique personal touch, making them stand out from the regular accessories.

Other shops specialise in antiques and handcrafted musical instruments. Use your negotiation skills to bargain the best price for something you like and enjoy taking back a souvenir from your trip to Gokarna.

#Tip: Make sure to taste the Kallu Sakkare, a locally produced sugar sweet.

Shacks on the Half Moon Beach

There are several shacks on the beach that serve delicious meals. The cuisine may be a little costly as they are usually carried by speed boats to the beach. While you have beer served on the beach, it is approximately 40% higher than the MRP because of the distance from the mainland and the availability.

You can enjoy Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Continental cuisine with a hint of Gokarna touch at the cafes and shacks. Here are a few of the top places to dine in the area.

Lazy Beach Cafe- Chinese and Indian cuisines are must-tries.
Half Way House Food Point- Lip-smacking vegetarian food.
Café 1987- Pancakes and Noodles are two must-try dishes.
Mantra Café- Best known for Seafood and Vegetables Sizzler

Places to stay or relax near the beach

Staycations and Airbnbs have picked up pace in providing various options for travellers to enjoy their stay. Few options available to stay near Half Moon Beach are listed below.

Mabla Guest House: A quaint pet-friendly guest house that is within anyone’s budget and offers similar amenities as a four-star hotel in Gokarna. It provides a paid pickup/drop service for your convenience. It is a perfect getaway with your family and friends.

R K Beach Cottage: It is one of the top resorts of Gokarna with reasonably priced accommodation. You'll have access to adjoining verandahs with views of the hill or the sea and modern amenities apartments.

You can quickly access the sea and join in beach activities because it is close to Half Moon Beach. You may also join the hotel's tours and hikes or hire a vehicle from top car rental companies in Gokarna for a day trip.

Best Time To Visit Half Moon Beach

The Half Moon Beach area has a tropical climate. Summers here are hot and humid, although the coast gets plenty of rain during the monsoons. Half Moon Beach is best visited between October and March when the weather is at its peak.

The weather is warm in April and May, and the seaside town gets a lot of rain from June through September. Also, November through February is very busy, with large crowds.

Tips to visit Half Moon Beach

The Half-Moon beach is an ideal weekend escape for letting go of all your concerns and tension in a blend of sandy beach, sunshine, leisure, and waves. The turquoise water and the deep green hills will undoubtedly contribute to the overall attractiveness, and is a perfect photographer's and nature lover's paradise. You can do anything beneath the stars because the beach is rarely crowded.

A few quick tips-

  • Swimming near the shore is not recommended due to strong currents and drowning incidents.
  • Avoid trekking during the rainy season since the trail might be slick and difficult to find as you go.
  • Hike back from Om Beach before the sun goes down to avoid getting lost or falling over the cliffs.
  • You may find a few monkeys along the beach. Do not feed them or disturb them.

Play volleyball, cricket, or football with your pals, go swimming, read a book on the beach, get a tan, and light a campfire. You may also hike to any local beaches and participate in adventure sports. Last but not least, experience the perfect night by sleeping underneath the stars. What are you waiting for? Book a Gokarna tour package from Gokarna Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA and explore this beautiful beach destination like never before. Please fill the Contact Us form to know more.

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