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  • 400 per person for Boat Ride around different beaches

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Om Beach Gokarna Address: Gokarna, Karnataka, 581326, India

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Day Timing
Monday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Tuesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Wedesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Thursday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Friday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Note: The Boat Ride time is up to 5:00 pm

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Gokarna's Om Beach has a spiritual meaning in terms of its physical look. Because the contour of the whole beach matches the 'Om,' sign, it is seen as extremely fortunate by the natives. Here you can see the merging of two semi-crescent fragments of ground, which is how the beach got its current name.

Om beach is frequently visited by national and international tourists all year round. It is a photographer's dream with its morning or evening tourist pleasures. The beach's sand is thin and fragile, and the rock formations are breathtaking.

Observing the changing stages of the landscape from the sands of Om Beach is very spectacular. The diversity of activities that may be done here adds to the relaxing atmosphere of this captivating site. Don't forget to bring your cameras since there will be plenty of opportunities to capture memories here.

#Note: Om is one of the most powerful sounds in the world. Chanting it with all our heart sends positive vibrations throughout the body and relaxes the mind and body.

History of Om Beach

Om Beach gets its name because it's naturally formed like the fortunate Om sign. Om Beach is fashioned like a Sanskrit word, with two golden coves surrounded by the Arabian Sea's turquoise glitter. It is a pleasant 6 km walk between Gokarna city to Om beach climbing over the hill with spectacular views.

#Trivia: The Paramesvara who sprang from the goose is Go (cow) karnam (ears) = Gokarna. Gokarna, also known as cow's ear, is a Hindu pilgrimage site. Shiva, as Atmalinga, is the ruling god.

Om Beach is around 10 kilometers long.

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Water Sports one can enjoy at Om Beach

Banana Boat Ride: Om Beach is ideal for a banana boat ride trip, thanks to its pleasant environment and crystal clear water. It is a perfect concoction to help you relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the deep blue water. Don’t worry about safety as there are lifeguards at reasonable distances along the beach. The duration for the banana boat ride is 15 minutes and the cost is INR 600/- onwards.

Bumper Boat Ride: A bumper boat ride is best done in the pounding surf turf of Om Beach. A 15-minute beach bumper boat trip is recommended. Before you may ride, you must first complete the necessary safety training. The cost for the same is INR 700/- onwards.

Dolphin Spotting: The bluish seas at Om Beach are well-known as hotspots for watching dolphins engage in mischievous behaviour and hear them call out to each other in their language. Many photographs of dolphins dashing inside and out of the sea may be taken.

Jet-skiing: Take to the azure blue waters of Om Beach for some of the most memorable moments of your magical journey. Enjoy a session of jet skiing in the water with a high speed ski bike and the waves lashing behind. The duration for Jet skiing is 10-15 minutes and the cost is INR 450/- onwards.

Speed Boating: Gokarna, which is sandwiched between Karnataka and Goa, is known for its pure white sand beaches and clear blue seas. Speed boating is one of Gokarna's most popular water activities, especially on Om Beach. It is recommended that you receive a quick overview of the activity and pay attention to every detail. The water temperature usually is between 28-30 degrees celsius. A round trip in a speed boat will allow you to capture some priceless coastal moments. The duration for speed boating is 15-20 minutes and the cost is INR 1000/- onwards.

Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is available in several locations in Gokarna, and Om Beach is among those places. So, if you enjoy the beach and want to go scuba diving this summer, now is your opportunity. You will also be able to observe some of the most stunning marine life creatures and even various corals under the sea. The duration for scuba diving is 30-45 minutes and the cost is INR 300/- onwards.

Surfing: Surfing is getting increasingly popular in India. You will be taught how to stand and hold your stance on the board before going ahead. You only have to be at the right spot at the right moment to catch the waves. The majority of the year, waves reach a height of three to five feet. The duration for surfing is 1.5- 2 hrs and the cost is INR 450/- onwards.

Parasailing: It is a fun water activity that requires two crucial tools: a parachute and a motorboat. This is a popular water sport in Gokarna. An excellent way to enjoy the view of the expansive beach from the top, parasailing is one of the most memorable activities to do at Om beach Gokarna. The duration for parasailing is 3-4 hrs and the cost is INR 1000/- onwards.

Recreational fishing: This is a unique method to appreciate the scenic splendour of the great spread water. Take a trip to the beach and toss a hook inside the deep waters to enjoy this pastime.

Beachside Trekking: Gokarna is a good hiking destination, thanks to its steep terrain. The rocky terrain of Om Beach offers a unique trekking experience to the visitors. The pleasurable walk along the paths drenched by the lashing waves makes this activity memorable.

Best Time to visit Om Beach

The Om Beach area has a tropical climate. Summers here are hot and humid, although the coastal zone gets plenty of rain during the monsoons. The ideal time to visit Om Beach in Gokarna is usually during the post-monsoon season, from October to March.

This is when you may expect low humidity. Also, November through February is very busy, with large crowds.

Cafes near Om Beach

Namaste Café: Guests will like both the cuisine and the atmosphere at this café. Indian, European, and Asian cuisines, as well as seafood, are all available to you.

White Elephant Restaurant and Café: Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines are served here.

Mantra Café Gokarna: This restaurant serves Indian and international cuisine.

Surya Café: This restaurant specializes in Indian and Asian cuisine.

Sunset Café: This restaurant serves Indian appetizers and seafood.

Places to Stay Near Om Beach, Gokarna

SwaSwara: SwaSwara offers suites and non-smoking guest rooms with comforters and air conditioners. Aside from that, this location offers free parking, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, an airport shuttle, and bath or shower facilities.

Kudle Beach Resort: The accommodations are nice and provide a view of the ocean. There is also free parking, internet access, a pool, an infinity pool, a restaurant, a dining area, and a coffee or tea maker.

Sanskruti Quality Resort: Sanskruti Quality Resort provides deluxe rooms and superlative cottages for a sumptuous stay. The hotel's main amenities include air conditioning, telecommunications services, bathtub and restrooms, 24-hour front desk help, and surveillance.

Om Beach Resort: Om Beach Resort has multiple accommodation facilities. Non-smoking rooms are also available, with air conditioning, shower facilities, and laundry service. In your leisure time, you may also visit the fitness facility.

Places to explore near Om Beach

With its ideal C shape, Kudle Beach is a fantastic delight for those Gokarna tourists looking for peace. Sunrises and sunsets are both beautiful sights to behold at the beach. Diving, hiking, scuba diving, and meditation are just several activities popular among visitors.

Mirjan Fort is a magnificent work of art that stands solid on the shores of the Afghan River. History aficionados may consult the schedule for upcoming historical events and arrange their visit accordingly.

Anshi National Park is a Gokarna Kali Tiger Reserve part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Bengal Tigers, elephants, and Black Panthers are some of the most prominent species of animals spotted here.

Full Moon Beach, also known as Paradise Beach is a place where you can enjoy some water activities, including camping and swimming.

Koti Theertha is a well-known man-made tank near Gokarna. Gorgeous tiny temples surround this plot of land. Locals visit to bury idols and take part in ritual bathing.

The Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna has ancient Dravidian architecture. This lovely piece of artwork and culture will undoubtedly comfort your spirit from within.

Things to note before visiting Om Beach

If visiting Om Beach in the off-season, bring plenty of packed food. There aren't many food vendors where you may enjoy your favourite cuisine.

There's a chance that some shattered glass fragments are strewn about on the beach. Make sure you do not trip on it while walking.

Om Beach is all about strolling in the sunshine. Creams, sunglasses, and caps should all be included in your luggage.

How to reach Om Beach?

You may go to Om Beach via bus, plane, or vehicle. Here's an overview of the mode of transportation available to reach the beach —

By car: Gokarna is located 59 kilometres from Karwar, 483 kilometres from Bangalore, and 238 kilometres from Mangalore. Buses arrive in Gokarna from Panaji, Karwar, Bangalore, and Mangalore. To go to Om Beach, you only have to travel another 6.5 kilometres. You may do this by hiring a cab service from top car rental companies in Gokarna.

By Rail: Gokarna is served by the Konkan Railway. This makes it simple for Mumbai, Mangalore, and Goa residents to get here. In addition, Gokarna can be reached by train from several major Indian cities. To get to Om beach from the train, you may take a local bus, rent a cab, or take an autorickshaw.

By Air: You'll need to purchase airline tickets to Mangalore International Airport if you're flying in. This is only 238 kilometres from Gokarna. Once you leave the airport, you may travel by renting a cab or taking local buses.

Interesting facts about Om beach Gokarna

  • The intersection of the two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini gives the shoreline its crescent shape.
  • For its major temples and pilgrimage sites, Gokarna is renowned as the "Kashi of the South."
  • Safety lectures are provided before letting people take any bumpy boat rides on the beach waters.
  • In this vicinity, the fishery is a source of revenue, and the fishermen's hamlet of Tadadi has its fish processing plant.
  • There are several home stays in the vicinity to meet the demands of travellers.
  • Boat services run from this beachfront to the other sites along the route.

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