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Shiva Cave Gokarna Address: Gokarna Kudle Road, Gokarna, Karnataka, 581326, India

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Shiva Cave, tucked away on a mountainside, is an old sacred location known locally as "gogarbha" or "cow's womb."

One of the top tourist places of Gokarna, the Shiva Cave is replete with mesmerizing interiors and a positive vibe. From throngs of devotees to regular tourists, the Shiva Cave sees a heavy footfall from across the country. One of the biggest attractions is the Shiva Lingam located inside the cave.

Because of the dim lighting, travellers are advised to carry a lamp when exploring the cave. It is home to a huge number of bats with a fascinating tale behind it.

Interiors of the Caves

Shiva Cave is a great site to explore for everyone because of its stunning surroundings. It is a historic holy site in Saraur, located around 3.5 kilometres from Tattapani.

The Shivratri celebrations at this temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, are particularly fervent. Besides its religious significance, this cavern is also a haven for nature lovers. You can see excellent formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. The temple, perfect for fishing and sunbathing, is a 10-minute drive or a 450-stair hike from the surface.

The Tale behind its name

The cave is known as 'Govina Kivi,' which translates to 'cow's ear.' The cavern is named after the city of Gokarna and has two entrances. It is believed a tunnel existed here 100 years ago that connected to another region of the nation (Uttar Kashi). Today, the tunnel is closed due to weather changes.

The cave has two rooms, the main entrance chamber and the blue chapel chamber. The fascinating tale adds to its charm. It is one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy a gorgeous sunset in Gokarna.

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History of Shiva Caves

The cave contains a Shiva Lingam surrounded by stunning scenery. It is believed there was a rivalry among the Trimurtis before the Cosmos was formed. The creator was to be the Tapasvi, followed by the preserver and then the destroyer. At the time, neither land nor water had been created. After intense tapasya, Brahma and Vishnu emerged a hundred years later.

Maheshwar had not yet returned to Tapasya. They waited a long time before beginning to create the cosmos. Eventually, Lord Shiva was confined on Earth. He then appeared, harnessing his third eye's abilities. Thus, the cave-like edifice was discovered when emerging from the dirt.

After doing penance at Mount Kailash and reciting a self-written Shiva-tandava-stotram, Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka got the Atma linga from Shiva. Shiva told Ravana that the holy Atma linga should never be set on the ground because it would take root wherever it was placed.

As Ravana neared Gokarna, Vishnu veiled the sunlight with his Sudarshana Chakra, knowing that Ravana was prompt in executing his daily rituals (Sandyavandhana- Wheel). Ravana paused at Gokarna for his evening prayers.

Because he had to be careful with the Atma linga, he wondered what to do. He spotted a Brahmin lad (in disguise as Lord Ganesha) and ordered him to carry the Atma linga in his hands till he returned after the procedures were completed. Lord Ganesha consented to keep the linga solely on a single condition: he would be doing so till he could handle the weight of the linga and then summon Ravana 3 times, and if he did not appear before, he would cast the linga on the ground.

When Ravana was executing his ceremonies, Lord Ganesha hurriedly summoned him three times, laid the linga on the soil, and fled. The Atma linga became firmly embedded in the soil almost immediately. Ravana realized that the Gods had deceived him.

Ravana attempted to free it, resulting in the Linga's covers being thrown to the temples of Surathkal, Dhareshwar, Gunavanteshwar, Murudeshwar, and Shejjeshwar; however, the Gokarna Lingam did not budge. It just twisted into the appearance of a cow's ear.

And this is how the Shiva Caves and Mahabaleshwar Temple came into existence.

Location of the Shiva Caves

This cave is located across the street from Kudle Beach View Guesthouse. The cave was created in 195 BC and had a Shiva linga.

Attractions near Shiva Cave

1. Om Beach- Gokarna's Om Beach has spiritual importance due to its geographical location. Because the form of this coastline resembles the ‘Om’ sign, it is seen as extremely fortunate by the natives. Here you can see the merging of two semi-crescent sections of the ground, which is how and why the beach got its current name.

2. Kudle Beach- Kudle Beach in Gokarna is known for its breathtaking beauty and hypnotic appeal. This beach is shaped like a perfect 'C' and is surrounded by towering coconut palms.

3. Mahabaleshwara Temple- This important temple in Gokarna houses a 1500-year-old Lord Shiva idol. Mahabaleshwara Temple in Gokarna is a spiritual retreat that will rejuvenate your soul and provide a tranquil getaway to the Almighty.

4. Mirjan Fort- Mirjan Fort is located on NH 66, about 11 kilometres from Gokarna, and is a symbol of cultural splendour. This well-known tourist site is famed for its architectural and artistic marvels from the early 17th century.

Jatayu Tirth near Shiva Caves

The cliff nestled between Gokarna and Kudle beaches is ideal for viewing the sunset and soaking in the beautiful sea views and the stones below. It is not particularly popular yet because getting here requires effort, and only a few people manage to find it. You can reach the tirth via Kudle beach or via a route near the Rama Tirtha temple.

It is also possible to hike down to the rocky coastline beneath, where a small stream flows into the sea. Legend says it is the same place where Ravana killed Jatayu in Ramayana.

A gentle incline continues down to the blue ocean, surrounded by fluffy white foam. If you chance upon this hidden gem, you will be astounded by its beauty. With no one nearby, white foamy waves smash on the cliffs below, giving you a glimpse of the roar of the waves, the air, the fragrance of the sea, and the setting sun.

Eateries near Shiva Caves

There are various dining options near Kudle Beach and Shiva Caves. Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Continental cuisines are served at cafes and shacks. Here are a few of the top places to dine in the area.

  • Little Paradise Inn- Naan and Indian curries, as well as seafood, are must-tries.
  • Pizzeria Kudle View- Woodfired Pizza and Prawns are two must-try dishes.
  • Café 1987- Pancakes and Noodles are two must-try dishes.
  • Namaste Café- Items to Try: Prawns, Vegetables Sizzler

Places to Stay in Gokarna near Shiva Caves

There's plenty to do in Gokarna, whether you plan to stay in the centre of town with convenient road access or reconnect with your gipsy origins by spending a night beneath the stars. Here are some of the options you can explore while staying in Gokarna.

Zostel-The go-to hostel for nomads and budget travellers is Zostel. Thanks to their newly developed separate cottages, it is also a terrific alternative for other travellers. The inexpensive dormitories, beautiful seaside sights, and wonderful cuisine served at the in-house café make it an appealing choice for everyone.

Viraz Valley– Located on a cliff overlooking the beach, this is among the most economical and enjoyable places to stay in Gokarna. It is easily accessible by a path that branches off from the main road and is close to the famous beaches of Gokarna. They include an on-site restaurant and a patio with fantastic beach views.

Kudle Beach View Resort– This is a terrific location to stay if you seek solitude and elegance. It's located in a little forest within walking distance of Kudle beach. Their restaurant, which is on the top floor and overlooks Kudle Beach, is an excellent spot for watching the sunset. The cooks provide delectable cuisine, and it's one of the greatest spots to explore in Gokarna for mouthwatering cuisine and magnificent vistas.

Best time to visit the Shiva Caves

With temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees, November to February is the best time to visit Shiva Cave. The cave is also approximately 5.5 kilometres away from the Gokarna Bus Stand, making it easily accessible to reach there.

How to reach Shiva Caves in Gokarna?

Gokarna is reasonably well-connected with all modes of transport. While the beach town does not have an airstrip, you can travel from the nearest airport to Gokarna quite comfortably.

Via Air: The nearest airport to Gokarna is Dabolim airport in Goa. It is around 140 km from Gokarna main town. You can hire a cab or book a private taxi and reach Gokarna within 3 hrs or less.

Via Rail: The nearest railway station in Gokarna is around 20 km in Ankola. If you are coming from major cities, you might want to check if your train stops at this railway station. Alternatively, you can take a train up to Goa and hire a cab to reach Gokarna anytime during the year.

Via Road: A road trip is one of the most mesmerising experiences for any wanderlust. If you happen to travel by your vehicle, you can reach Gokarna via-

Bangalore in approx. 10 hrs and covering a distance of around 490 kms.
Goa in approx. 3 to 4 hrs and covering a distance of around 140 kms.
Mangalore in approx. 5 hrs and covering a distance of around 230 kms.
Pune in approx. 11 hrs and covering a distance of around 540 kms.

There are local buses that ferry between different small towns in and around Gokarna. The nearest bus stand is in Banglegudda at a distance of nearly 5.5 kms.

You can also hire a private cab from top car rental companies in Gokarna to visit Shiva caves.

#Trivia: Shiva caves is an uphill 500 metres trek from one of the most popular beaches of Gokarna, Kudle beach.

If you're looking for an exciting holiday destination in Gokarna, you should include Shiva Cave in your schedule. It is away from the masses and gives solitude to those looking for some adventure while still enjoying the calmness.

The wonderful dark stretch makes this spot in Gokarna an incredible joy and one of its most stunning aspects. It's pretty remote, so you can expect to spend quality time with loved ones. Shiva Caves is among the quietest but most adventurous destinations in Gokarna, thanks to its stunning surroundings and tranquil environment.

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